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Arun Sood

Arun Sood is a Scottish-Indian writer, musician, and critic.  He was born to a Gaelic-speaking, West-Highland Mother and a Punjabi-speaking Indian father who immigrated to Glasgow in the 1970s.  He is currently working on a multiform music, poetry, and visual art project about the history and cultural memory of Vallay — a (now uninhabited) tidal island off North Uist where his grandmother lived.


Cailin Mo Rùin-sa (Reprise)

Crossing the Sound

she spoke of emigration

and hummed a song

Cailin Mo Rùin-sa

her weathered hand,

salted with freckles

wrote phonetics

in my notebook

finite ink whispers

so rare, of flowers,

hills, and memories

beyond the mast

the last song from

the lastborn that

I didn’t know

I knew

Dearest my own one, oh won’t you be mine, Full of devotion, so modest and kind? My heart’s full of longing and yearning for you; Come close to me, darling, you know I’ll be true.


The Old Dictaphone

A stranger

upon landing

in a vast expanse

of salt-water lochs

torturous recesses

bogging seawards

rugged declivities

absolutely treeless

Here are only three

cottages, two of them

occupied by shepherds

and the other a tailor.


The Lastborn

Look up,

Look up!








the pigeons fly home

“I was asking about what age

you might have been when

you left”

This morning

an opalescent

egg sits brightly

on a roofless gable

—The Lastborn.



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