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Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Demosthenes Agrafiotis(1946), poet and intermedia artist, is active in the fields of poetry/painting/photography/intermedia/installations and their interactions, with books of poetry and essays, and exhibitions both in Greece and abroad. He has a special interest for the relations between art and new technologies, for multimedia or intermedia projects and also for performances. His bookMaribor (The Post-Apollo Press), awarded the 2011 Northern California Book Award for Poetry in Translation, and Chinese Notebook (Ugly Duckling Presse)-both books are translated by Angelos and John Sakkis. His recent books: +-graphies(Veer Books, London), Betises (Editions Fidel Anthelme X,Marseille, in French), ArtxArt(Redfoxpress,Ireland). He has participated in different type of artistic activities: publications, artists books, production of videos, small press initiatives (anthology-formatted magazine ‘Clinamen’) and alternative - action art projects.He is based in Athens, ,

Angelos Sakkis, born in Greece, he immigrated to California, 1970. BFA SFAI, 1989. He has been translating Greek poetry to English and has co-translated with John Sakkis, the work of poet and multimedia artist Demosthenes Agrafiotis. His own work has appeared in Ambush Review, Try, Hellenic Voices, and Poetix and his translations in (de)kata. His chapbooks “Memory-of” and “Fictional Character” were published in 2012. “Travel log with Homer on my mind 2011” was published, also in 2012, by Both-Both Books. He co-translated with Jack Hirschman “Food Line” by Sotirios Pastakas (Forepaw Press, 2015). He participated in “Cross Section, an Anthology of Contemporary Greek Poetry”, Erato Press, SF. 2015. He lives in Oakland, California.

Michèle Valley was born in Switzerland where she studied dramatic art in Zurich and took part in various experimental groups. She spent 10 years in Paris where she took classes under Antoine Vitez at the Conservatoire and worked with various theatre companies. Since 1985 she lives and works in Greece. Within these years she performed in films, TV serials, TV movies and theatre productions. She has worked with directors such as Nikos Nikolaidis, Tonia Marketaki in film, Yiannis Chouvardas and Michail Marmarinos in theater. Recently she performed in Ghost from a Perfect Place-P. Ridley (National Theatre of Northern Greece, dir. A. Revi), Never Together-Ts. Tzanatos and Judith-H. Barker (DameBlanche Dance and Theatre Company, dir. Chryssa Kapsouli), Orpheus Descending (National Theatre of Greece, dir. Barbara Weber), Happy Days in Grey Gardens (Théâtre 104, dir. Katia Goulioni). In 2009 she took part in the Oscar nominated movie Dogtooth (dir. Yorgos Lanthimos). For 25 years she is collaborating with Demosthenis Agrafiotis in site-specific projects, intermedia lectures, performances and multilanguage poetics. She translates poetry (French, Italian and German).


The English version by Angelos SAKKIS-translator


The French version by Michele VALLEY, translator


The collective reading/performance da.da/ A.S/M.V/ in EL, FR EN & al together...




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