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Martín Gubbins

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Martín Gubbins. Chilean poet, artist, performer, publisher, born in 1971. Author of manypublications of poetry, visual and sound poetry, he has also exhibited his work and done readings and performances in different countries. He holds an MA in English from University ofLondon (UCL), a diploma in fine arts and photography at Universidad Católica, and an LLB from Universidad de Chile, the latter two in Santiago. Together with otherpoets and artists he founded the Foro de Escritores, a project inspired in Bob Cobbing’s Writers Forum, which opened in Chile a scene of poetic experimentation that has continued to the present through diverse authorsand projects. He is currently artist in residence at Núcleo Lenguaje y Creación of Universidad de las Américas y Santiago, where he is conducting a practice based research project about the Patagonian roads and how they relate to Chile’s recent history, which is taking the form of an exhibition and a book, both to be launched this October, 2019. All his work is available at









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