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Ricardo Tiago

Ricardo Tiago Moura was born in Coimbra (Portugal), June 1978. Lives in Køge (Denmark). He is the author of five poetry books: Um gato para dois / 1 gato para 2 (Hariemuj, 2013 / não edições, 2015), Epístolas a D. (não edições, 2013), Espaço aéreo / Airspace (Arqueria, 2014 / Carnaval Press, 2017), pequena indústria (Tea for One, 2016) and Cruzes (Alambique, 2018). He also published the book object Controlo de qualidade / Quality control (2017), exploring connections between prose - verse, text - erasure, printed writing - performative reading. Ricardo’s work focuses on experimenting diverse relationships between written and visual forms of text, including translation and collage. His poems were translated/published in Brasil, Chile, Denmark, Mexico and UK.




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