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Pamenar residency
in Toronto 

• Disciplines and assistance:
Pamenar is now accepting applications from writers, artists, translators and researchers for this 2 week residency in February 2020.

• Accomodation & Studio
The ‘Pamenar Room’ is a live/work space. It is in a centrally located studio flat.


• Fees

This 2 week, self-directed residency is a self-funded residency for 1 person. 

2 weeks for 1 person is 1000 GBP.

• Application information
Please enquire at

Pamenar residency is an Artists-led art organization committed to supporting artists, curators, researchers and writers on an international level as well as engaging with the local community in London,Toronto, Mexico City and Tehran through residencies, workshops, exchanges and public programs.

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