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Keep up to date with Pamenar's publications with a yearly membership. Your kind support will enable us to continue our work and will make sure you receive our new titles as soon they come out!

Full 2023 Membership  

All of Pamenar's 2023 publications +  a limited edition greeting card designed by international artist Hamed Jaberha.


Our authors 2022- all authors:

translation, poetry and essays:

Recovery by Vincent Broqua, Translated by Cole Swensen

it is like toys but also like video taped in a mall by  James Davies

Burns by Susan Gevirtz

A PUNCH IN THE GUT OF A STAR by Anne Waldman & Emma Gomis


Young American by Jackqueline Frost
MILLE REGRETZ by James Wilkes
Cloud  Cantata by Carla Haryman
Pamenar Tote bag

A Greeting Card. Designed by Hamed Jaberha


Buy our previous publications in a discounted bundle:
8 titles for £90


• Against Travel/ Anti-Voyage by Rachel Levitsky

• My little Enlightenment Plays by  Sophie Seita

• From From by Philip Terry

• Hyena! Jackal! Dog! by Fran Lock

• John Company, An Epic  by David Ashford

• Leela in Lockdown by Sally-Shakti Willow

• Temporary Space An Anthology of Visual Poetry, Edited by
   Astra Papachristodoulou & Nic Stringer

• Nature of Objects by Carlos Soto-Roman

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