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Andrew Spragg

Andrew Spragg was born in London and lives there. He has written critical pieces for BonafideHix ErosThe Quietus, Poetry London and PN Review. Recent poetry books include Tether//Replica (Sprialbound/Susak Press, 2015), OBJECTS (Red Ceiling Press, 2014), A Treatise on Disaster (Contraband Books, 2013),To Blart & Kid (Like This Press, 2013) and Now Too How Soon (Contraband Books, 2017). A collaborative book, Dogtown,  with the artist Beth Hopkins, was published in winter 2018 by Litmus.


for those not in the know

politics makes it look

like time is credible

and not heaving with

could be corpses

police leech the grass 

of any good feeling

wait what are

you the transaction

leave it with your best neighbour



moth on a tile

machine parts forever

distilling uses with what I read

in an interesting book at once

this is for my friend Maria

who never seems to sleep



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