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Aodán McCardle

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Aodán’s current practice is improvised performance/writing/drawing. His PhD is on ‘Action as Articulation of the Contemporary Poem’ though physicality and doubt are the site of meaning and the stance respectively where the action operates. He opened the Performance Month at Beton7, Athens 2015, and the Performance Philosophy Centre Uni. of Surrey Sep 2016. He was a member of the anti-performance group LUC, London Under Construction and the Collaborative/Improvisational Performance group Cuislí. Two books, Shuddered and ISing from VEER, online chapbook LllOoVvee, Smithereens Press. Recent publications in Wretched Strangers, Lumin Journal and Smithereens Literary Magazine #1 and  “Control – Information – Resistance – Game: Knowledge Systems in the poetry of Stephen Mooney”, Francis Gene-Rowe, Aodán McCardle; Edited collection: Systems and Knowledge: Scholarship, Ecology and Mind in Science Fiction. Palgrave Macmillan. Editors Chris Pak and William Slocombe.



The sense of place that is there and you are here

If you do this on a piece of paper it’s one thing, if you do it on a canvas it’s something else but why? yes the material hierarchies etc etc but why, why those. The action might be exactly the same or as same as it needs to be to be the same, maybe the trick is to try not to be an artist or a writer but is not being a writer the absence of writing and how not to be an artist? Arting afterall is not the definition of an artist so not arting won’t disprove though proving is more akin to dough and the mind wants to compare dough to money and money to art la la laaa on and on but if not arting is not not being an artist then not writing is not not being a writer though all of this is close to

its about speed and time

as much as space

it’s sort of nonsense


maybe it’s not

it’s a quote from a book not a poetry book but I’m pretending it’s poetry or I’m making it into poetry or I’m intending it as poetry but it’s a quote so is it copying using, stealing, other big words but it’s the energy the twists and turns and explaining is almost its opposite almost all most so different from always and what this says is not so important as what it does not that I know what it does but I have a sense of something that it does when I read it or think about writing it of having written it of while writing it it’s nothing something about nothing no thing some thing al most al ways

being tied to horses

is sometimes just energy

there’s a lengthy or meandering thought sequence from here that involves cliché about plays on meat and poison that uses fatalities instead and loops back to energy as creation and a whole morning goes by and the chainsaw outside still and there it goes again brand names and tied to horses and fatality and the difference between ie and y


what is the sentence equivalence of a goose

the word equivalent of a goose


no an equivalent would be a word that is awkward and can chase a fox from the garden and waken everyone up and scare some like a swan can

and the radio has just mentioned seals and penguins and the route to the {s}pacific historical and Africa a point on the compass and I think what is the sentence equivalent the word equivalent of a trip to[from] Africa and how drowned would that word have to be and I think can I think that and I think no it’s can I say that and I think no it’s how can I say that because there has to be a way of saying things without living off them without sucking the energy from them without taking them away from others without owning them or anything because owning them

or anything

because owning is at the heart of it


that’s a drowned word



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