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Astra Papachristodoulou

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Astra Papachristodoulou is a graduate from the MA Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway with focus in the experimental tradition across poetry, visual art and performance. She has given individual, collaborative, and interactive readings at a range of events in Slovenia, Vienna, Greece and the UK, including the European Poetry Festival, Free Verse Poetry Book Fair and IGNOR Festival. Astra's work has been exhibited at the National Poetry Library (Southbank Centre) and The Poetry Society, and her poetry has appeared in magazines such as The Tangerine and 3:am Magazine. She's the author of five poetry pamphlets including Almost a Nightmare (Sampson Low, 2017), Astropolis (Haverthorn Press, 2018) and Clockwork (Ampersand Publishing, 2018), and her forthcoming pamphlet Stargazing will be published by Guillemot Press in September 2019.




myriad ^ paths

myriad ^ seeds

myriad ^ spores

myriad ^ streams

myriad ^ velums

myriad ^ women

myriad ^ whispers

myriad ^ sighs

myriad ^ crescents

myriad ^ spires

myriad ^ wounds

myriad ^ senses

myriad ^ eyes

under cold moon


flux on flux



the more the valley

ripens in harvest

the more the vast

harvests the valley

vast, it reaches

every corner & far

it reaches – vast

the harvest is vast

it reaches more & more

the harvest is covered

in varied corners – it

grows & it covers more

& more every time

as it ripens – the more

the valley, the vaster

the harvest – it grows

when all things ripen

& the valley is glad


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