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Eddy Wang

Eddy Wang is a multi-media artist, academic, and software developer. His interdisciplinary approach playfully splatters aesthetics and technical devices together. His work develops and explores experiential phenomena through philosophy and art. He is a member of the Toronto Experimental Translation Collective (TETC) and one half of the band Ira Dot. He resides in Toronto, having received his Master’s at the University of Toronto. Currently, he is working on a project on everydayness.




This is an experiment in algo-theory, which is a neologism of a neologism, a blend of "auto-theory" with algorithms. It is a type of poetics that theorizes with and through computer algorithms. Extending from my Master's research on the mise-en-scene of love, this work illustrates a digital mise-en-scene of love through graphs and tree structures. The piece uses the tree data structure to simultaneously represent the concept of the mise-en-scene of love and to signal the impossibility of representation through the data structure. What does it look like when the ecological is paired with the computational? Trees with computer trees.

The mise-en-scene of love refers to the concept that love is not solely constructed by a you and a me, but that the world—the mise-en-scene of the lovers—has agency in shaping lovers' experience and construction of love. The mise-en-scene of love is a lens to view love affairs that calls attention to the ecological presence of the world. The world becomes the Third Term in love. It is not what is “outside” of love, but the “out-side” of love, its outer side.



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