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Eleni Gouliaras

Eleni Gouliaras studied Creative Writing and History at York University. She now works for Markham Public Library helping customers, running a book club and hosting a story time for kids.


Proceed with caution Mind keeping me

up at night



on my neck don't know

what to do prophetic




tongues tired

of being

such a way becoming only story

God once upon a time i touched your name between my tongue and the wet, hot ceiling of my mouth kneeling, calling from the belly of my love i can't lift off the page River i`m held something`s held over given options refusing each one pleading worst case scenario containing containment containing containment and breaking ability to contain flowing down a river exhaling an endless vocabulary

Wave crash into and over boundaries mind and matter tongue refusing prayer swallowing a new worship

Pill nightly dissolving cooling chest ache fever put to rest lift to present Wiring growing weary reliance tangled contorted leveling up collapsing down and needing needing needing am i a devil to be tamed?

Mirror a devil to be tamed edging towards uncertainty feeling around for reassurances cracking open to universe diving into a two-way mirror shattering through this unoriginal sin



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