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Fran Lock

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Reading excerpts from Hyena! Jackal! Dog!

Fran Lock is an Associate Editor at Culture Matters where she recently edited The Cry of the Poor: An anthology of radical writing about poverty (2021); she edits the Soul Food column for Communist Review, and is a member of the new editorial advisory board for the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry. Together with Hari Rajaledchumy, Fran recently completed work on Leaving, an English translation of poems by the Sri Lankan Tamil poet Anar (Poetry Translation Centre, 2021). Her book of hybrid lyric riff, White/ Other, is due from The 87 Press in 2022, with an essay collection to follow from Out-Spoken Press in 2023. Fran teaches at Poetry School and hides out in Kent with her beloved pit bull and eternal muse, Manny.

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