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Fraser Sutherland

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Fraser Sutherland is a poet, editor, and lexicographer who lives in Toronto. He's published 18 books, this year including his new poetry collection Bad Habits (Mosaic Press.)



You feel fine.

You go to the doctor.

The doctor gives you the results.

"It's not good."

You feel fine.

You go to the doctor.

He tells you after the surgery,

"The prognosis is slightly negative."

You feel fine.

You go to the doctor.

He looks at the chart.

"I'm afraid it's worse."

You feel fine.

You go to the doctor.

He shakes his head,.

"Sorry, you don't have long to live."

You fall dead at his feet.


Is There Love in Your Life?

— a friend's query

No, and then a stranger drifts across

your field, sent by a breeze

and it's high summer.

Though this person

has habits and problems as you do,

though the future that lies before you lies,

though you know this

though the intersection

spells trouble in triplicate

there is only the motion of her inclination, how

she leans this way, that.

Each encounter you notice

imperfect pieces randomly arrange

in shuffle and reassembly

and you know she knows you know this,

how the sweet moment sours

little by little, more and more,

yet you wait breathless for her hair

to brush against your shoulder, and with one hand

she puts it up

and that's all it is,

as both of you, conferring, wait for love to go away.


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