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Julia Rose Lewis and Nathan Hyland Walker

Julia Rose Lewis is the author of three poetry collections: Phenomenology of the Feral (KFS), High Erratic Ecology (KFS), and The Hen Wife (Contraband). She and James Miller co-authored Strays (HVTN). She has published six pamphlets, the most recent of which is NAG (Gang Press).

Nathan Hyland Walker graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in 2012. He has worked in kitchens including The Fog Island Cafe, The Fog Island Grille, Vescio’s and Pizza Boys and The Tap Room. He is currently a Chef/Dietary Specialist in a memory care facility in New York.



There was a woman in the doctor’s office, like a grandmother in her kitchen, who could tell you about every chemotherapy drug as though it were a meal she had prepared herself for her family, she would tell you the recipe and tricks known only to those who had used the recipe. She would tell you how she felt after the meal, she would tell you everything she knew if you would listen. This book is dedicated to her wisdom. Like a witch she could conjure poison, like a witch, she could nourish you.


Diet Pepsi


In the same lemon as gasoline,

soon gastrin

and the vagus nerve trigger release

of pepsinogen,

it digests itself today

now born pepsin sinning against the diner.

We hate it.

The mother of chaos is

the grandmother of gas and the road

from vast chasm void,

this obsidian is a glass and charcoal act

in between veins of history

I mean like a grandmother in her kitchen,

we take it.

We take another little piece of her volcanic rock

for relief if heartburn fizzes and dazes still.

People will tell you it leads towards cancer,

and I will laugh,

actually cackle like the witch

because coal or charcoal it is important to note

that gas came from chaos

to denote a principle if occult singing.

We respire it.




Bruschetta is bread and

red and bread

and red tomatoes

and yellow tomorrows

and orange tomatoes

and green tomorrows

and purple tomatoes looming

in the middle of the Thursday

and through this day which is old.

The bread should be day old

before toasting,

before rubbing with roast garlic,

do not roast the tomatoes

for they are summoning her

to balsamic, to salt, to pepper, tomorrow.

Now throw the tomato

dice into the bowl with seeds up,

with skins up, face up to

macerate to make soft or made soft or soaked,

to soften in olive from oil

from olive for extra virgin olive oil…

the future of oil is leaving here.

So seeds up, sixes up

to fill the bread,

let the tomatoes fall softly

only onto the bread yet,

bruschetta is simple is still experimental,

appetizer a part of a whole protocol, please see

the velvet protocol.



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