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Julia Rose Lewis & Nathan Hyland Walker

Julia Rose Lewis is the author of three poetry collections: Phenomenology of the Feral (KFS), High Erratic Ecology (KFS), and The Hen Wife (Contraband). She and James Miller co-authored Strays (HVTN). She has published seven pamphlets, the most recent of which is Holding Patterns with Paul Hawkins (Beir Bua Press).

Nathan Hyland Walker graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in 2012. He has worked in kitchens including The Fog Island Cafe, The Fog Island Grille, Vescio’s, and Pizza Boys and The Tap Room. He now works as head chef for the residents of a memory care facility in New York.


Anise Drizzle

Horse of the feldspar

or form mistaken rock

will kick itself out to pasture

rest referring to weathering.

Rain overruns the chlorophyll foul

and graceful

and foulest is following a whisper

posting in the stead of sitting.

Horse of the filed down

binding itself field to aniseed

and the unseen dill weed as well.


is to nurture as composing itself

fills the pastureland

to borrow a forced misreading

the grass as grass or corpse grasses.

Ring around the pony

a pocket full of posies

ashes ashes

we follow the withers down.

The horse of the periphery is left

telling the story of the twelve

dancing princesses

all gills and spore print in the beginning.

Replicate and stick

like the tattered dancing slippers did

to fulfill the witch licorice.

Circle and licorice like

a hollowing follows this impulse

to be feeding off itself.

If malformation were a line of verse

we all fall outside.

Ring around the pony

a pocket full of arvensis

it rings itself in tumorigenesis

we all hollow out.



Come on mycelium

with steel light and fairy rings.

These mycelium seams

yield the desired collection

and the very edge of training bends

and extends itself.

If fulfilling the littlest sister

in her silk top hat and black coat to compete.

She enters the ring

points of light

as fennel light mare circles

mycelium come on and make it fortunate.

Ring around the pony

the old horses training wins over rain

a pocket full of mycelium

it is only a tectosilicate kind of nightmare.

Horse of the fenlands

often a twinning within the stone

its own coat

now entering the zone necrotic.

Ring around the pony

a pocket full of mycelium

silver silver

we all feel tall in the meadowlands.

The milk cow of the plagioclase series

read clay and the the rind side.

Firing forms a glassy matrix that bonds

ceramics like faces

from midlands to iridescence

the cogwheel labradorite inside

does not lend itself

to water or aerating or a rock cleaved with ease.

Cleavage gets

itself given over to the witch gift—

arvensis in the sense less than the sinister one

take the licorice sister.



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