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Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin is a walker, balancer, climber, stroller ... and negotiator of places. He has a number of books and chapbooks with various English poetry houses, including Leafe Press, Longbarrow Press, and Shearsman Books. His chapbook Erodes On Air (described as a compressed mountain travelogue) is published in the U.S. by Middle Creek (Beulah, 2021). His latest chapbooks are: to ‘B’ nor as ‘tree’, with Intergraphia (Sheffield, October 2022); and Of Gone Fox, with The Hedgehog Poetry Press (Clevedon, April 2023). Mark lives with his partner on anarrowboat just north of Leicester, in the English Midlands


a sound-enhanced version of Clear Place

poetry, vocals & sound production: Mark Goodwin

original field-recording: Brian Lewis

other audio recording: Mark Goodwin

Clear Place ________________________________________________

The thickness of the body, far from rivalling that of the world, is on the contrary the sole means I have to go unto the heart of things, by making myself a world and by making them flesh. – Maurice Merleau-Ponty, The Visible and the Invisible

To create is to bring to existence what was not here before, but in such a way that the result is fully reconciled with everything that is already here. – Dalibor Vesely, quoted by David Seamon in Life Takes Place


it is not near

nor is it far

the little clearing in

the brambles on

the waste

ground at

our city’s edge is

that Leicester’s ( or

could it equally


Sydney’s )

sirens spiralling our

fears through air




Earth’s sky sets

its edge

against this



the bramble wall round &

the smashed glit

tering syll ables of glass

here lies

a word not

written nor

spoken a

word the shape of

a person as


parent as the



glass fragments

person not near nor far a

person supine &

still & un



how the bees ent

wine with

the bud

dleias’ scent and

that wai

ting vib

ration of

breathing here

is a

place of some


person a



Scrubland, by Dominique Cameron, charcoal on paper.


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