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Phoebe Anson

Phoebe Anson studied English Literature at the University of Sheffield. After graduating, she decided to take a year out to work on her creative writing and potential PhD topics before going back to complete her Master’s. Phoebe has been published in an anthology by Perennial Press and in the most recent anthology of The University of Sheffield’s Route 57. She has also been featured in online and print collections by Streetcake Magazine, Quince Mag, Nymphs Publications, Illagrypho Press, PMN Stories, and Orange Blush Zine. Her writing is often focused on the deconstruction of the space of the human self. She is currently working on a few separate projects that explore the interior space of the self, as well as mental health and depersonalisation from one’s self. She can also be found on Twitter (@PhoebeJAnson), Instagram (bizarre_femme), and Linktree (




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