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Ryan Ormonde

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Ryan Ormonde is a poet from London and a founding member of press free press, a group dedicated to inhabiting spaces with text objects in performance. In 2019 Ryan participated in an embodied poetry residency on the Isle of Lismore in Scotland with eight other poets, led by Em Strang. Details of past and forthcoming work on Ryan's website .

In 'Delicate Chaos' Ryan responds to soundscapes included in Unbound Atlas, a booklet and CD that formed the first in a series of works by Ramona Stout and Alyssa Moxley of Mazi Collective, organisers of the 2016 Kinisi festival in Santorini. 


Delicate Chaos

‘In Albania the music came thick and fast and the sounds were a peculiarly delicate chaos of teeming nature, Ramadan and man-made machine noise’

- Ramona Stout, Unbound Atlas

There is a point of reception

A listening post

In this letter

A point of translation

Perhaps several points

Related in an editing instinct

But heard as a point

That seems unnoticed

So life is disinterested

And you can listen

I am not clothed in this hubbub

And I do not disrobe

Spread cheeks to this

Public if ignoring bustle

The two notes of one bird

See saw to say

This is true, this is true

Things will clink

This much we know

We have not yet stopped

This clinking, it is the work of

Hands surviving

The circle of chaos

Every lap a new unfolding

Where do you place yourself,




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