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Timothy Kiely

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Tim Kiely is a criminal barrister and poet living in London. His work has appeared in: 'South Bank Poetry'; 'Lunar Poetry'; 'The Morning Star'; 'Spontaneous Poetics'; and 'Ink, Sweat & Tears', as well as the Emma Press anthology 'Everything That Can Happen'. He is a member of the 'Poetry Versus' collective.



i. Simple Interrupted

oh my young unspeakable hope

my flowers and their finger-tips’

exquisite piercing brisk pull

every sense’s. mundane meeting

found line. through all forgetting

vital finally to this

unknowing the crossing over point

from stitch to birdsong birdsong to stitch

ii. Figure-of-Eight

oh my young my flowers and

their finger-tips’. unspeakable hope

exquisite piercing every sense’s

mundane meeting brisk pull

found line vital finally

to this through all forgetting

unknowing the crossing from stitch to birdsong

birdsong to stitch over point

iii. Circular

oh my young their finger-tips’

unspeakable hope my flowers and

exquisite piercing mundane meeting

brisk pull every sense’s

found line to this

through all forgetting vital finally

unknowing the crossing birdsong to stitch

over the point from stitch to birdsong

iv. Herringbone

oh my young my flowers and

exquisite piercing unspeakable hope

their finger-tips’ every sense’s

found line brisk pull

mundane meeting vital finally

to this through all forgetting

birdsong to stitch over point

from stitch to birdsong unknowing the crossing

v. Vortex

oh my young my flowers and

exquisite piercing every sense’s

found line vital finally

unknowing the crossing from stitch to birdsong

birdsong to stitch over point

to this through all forgetting

mundane meeting brisk pull

their finger tips’ unspeakable hope


Towards Sex as a Theory of Everything

overheard on a journey home from work

as aftermath;

‪as nothing special;

‪as a lifetime;

as the light from inside;

‪as a wilful misreading of history;

‪as the most un-piano piano-playing;

‪as designer toys;

‪as discarded string;

‪as a long escalator taken at a run;

as void;

‪as beige wallpaper;

‪as explosion;

as metal;

as death machine;

‪as bodies drawn up to the ceiling;

‪as scarecrow arms;

as candy floss;

‪as a rhythm section by the citizens of Paris;

‪as Sunday’s ache;

‪as this very gospel number;

‪as the spirit shakes;

as salt

as clementines

‪as corn bread and black molasses

‪as laughter;

‪as a mouthful of oil;

‪as rattle;

‪as blur;

‪as the untold joy of being tired and overworked and whole;

‪as brown sunset;

‪as scratched windows;

‪as endless processing telegraph poles;

‪as litter;

‪as a tilt of the head;

‪as open mouth;

‪as closed eyes;

‪as slippery hair;

‪as bitten lips;

‪as headache;

as harmony

as a traffic jam seen from a great distance;

‪as an oversized green bib overall;

‪as poncho flapping in hard rain;

‪as an unexpectedly handsome face afloat in a long black overcoat;

‪as rocking your cloud;

‪as threatening to burst;

as an untrained swaying;

as an Australian halo;

as unremembered;

as your hips’ awkward furniture;

‪as a swan in water;

‪as sinkhole on a golf course;

‪as News International;

‪as desirable terracotta roofs;

as the best part of town;

‪as hanging out of an open window;

‪as covered;

‪as laced in;

‪as a forest of sunlight and spin;

‪as a systems engineer;

as the best theme tune;

as laughter just about to be sick;

as deep breathing;

as built;

as trade;

as embrace;

as nest;

as hesitation;

as flexing belly;

as escape;

as stopping when it hurts;

as thirst;

as unless -

‪as invisible technology made with exotic materials;

‪as rare earth;

‪as raw earth;

‪as more;

‪as more;

‪as not there, there;

‪as yawn;

‪as grope;

‪as possible, technically possible;

‪as evaporated;

‪as franchised;

‪as unbounded by geography;

‪as short-termism;

‪as expensive;

‪as generally porous;

as protected;

‪as inside;

‪as proper;

as controlled;

as a more advanced means of conspiracy;

‪as attrition;

‪as betrayal;

‪as the absence of terror;

as peace;

‪as reconciliation;

‪as sometimes impossible but always worth trying;

‪as creating space;

‪as inhabiting space;

‪as the conquest of space;

‪as only space;

‪as protesting;

‪as work;

‪as the Internet;

as raising serious questions;

‪as responding convincingly;

as unstable;

‪as unaligned;

‪as unable to forget;

‪as long-term self-interest;

‪as that small Scottish town;

as two hundred and seventy Americans;

‪as a brutal;

‪as open;

‪as progress;

‪as in power today;

‪as a long spoon;

‪as Mandela;

‪as parallel;

‪as outdated;

‪as gradual;

‪as hope;

‪as flow;

‪as able to engage;

as darkness;

‪as railway;

‪as naked trees;

‪as the last light;

as grievance;

‪as accommodated;

‪as its own rationale, not ours;

‪as the future;

‪as position of strength;

‪as a vast concealed bomb;

as a half-licked vanilla ice-cream;

‪as sodium orange;

‪as spider;

as ecstatic webs;

‪as sterile;

‪as sickening;

as under attack;

‪as who and what we are;

as glare;

‪as a sky of cranes;

‪as intelligence;

‪as security;

‪as it, or something similar;

‪as a colleague called ‘darling’;

‪as uncertain success;

as a xenophobic, right wing Norwegian;

‪as a children’s cartoon;

‪as not new;

‪as an oven of golden meat;

‪as a well-intentioned mistake;

‪as exceptional;

‪as a safe haven;

‪as coming in too fast;

‪as squeaky;

‪as apology;

‪as preparing for the Inquiry;

as an edgy atheist comedian;

‪as strange music from Macedonia;

as the smell of burning;

as children pointing;

as inner earworm;

as electronica;

as ending;

as the road home.


Photo by, Tyrone Lewis


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