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Virna Teixeira

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Virna Teixeira was born in Brazil. She is a poet, translator and a doctor. She lives in London and runs a small press specialized in Brazilian poetry, Carnaval Press. She is also the editor of online poetry magazine Theodora ( She has published several chapbooks and books of poetry in Latin America, Portugal and UK. Virna has also explored different styles of film and video poems, some of which have been featured in international festivals. Her film poems and other works can be found on her website,


I Pass By The Club

trans. Shelly Bhoil

I pass by the club

wearing a balaclava

the candies have

exploded already

several having escaped

in spaceships

my muse

is a non-binary

rubber doll

with a black mask

and icy blonde


I pump up

her breasts

her hips

I paint her eyes

with a green pencil

I dress over

my catsuit

a latex corset

we are extreme

and incognito

my doll and I

tied melted

dressed for pleasure

in a fugitive moment

between shadows

and the northern lights


Shelly Bhoil is an Indian poet and scholar, living in Brazil. Her forthcoming works include an edited reference book "Resistant Hybridities: New Narratives of Exile Tibet" (Lexington Books, US) and her book of poems in Portuguese translation. 


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