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10,000 Hand-Drawn Questions, by Peter Jaeger

//////  144 pages
Size:    20.5 x 20.5 CM 


10,000 Hand-Drawn Questions interfaces drawing, writing, and photographic documentation. Each sentence in the book takes the form on an extemporized question, drawn by hand in a notebook and photographed. The use of reframed source texts is evident from time to time, but these sources are only present when filtered through the author’s inexact and spontaneous personal memories. 10,000 Hand-Drawn Questions circles around a range of interrelated subjects, including psychoanalysis, spirituality, politics, the body, and technology.



Peter Jaeger is a Canadian writer based in London, England. He is the author of twelve books of poetry and poetics and has written on such diverse topics as John Cage, ecology, Marcel Proust, and Brexit. Publications include the artist book The Shadow Line (2016) and a process-based text on walking and pilgrimage entitled Midamble (2018). Jaeger is Professor of Poetics at the University of Roehampton.



Peter Jaeger | 10,000 Hand-Drawn Questions

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