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Sally-Shakti Willow

ISBN: 978-1-915341-17-4
///// 96 Pages



RITE is a ritual, a performance, a Wyrd web of multivocality and multi-dimensional possibility.


Written mostly between 2018-2020, working with dreams, rituals, journaling, found text and somatic experimentation, RITE is a layered collage of voices and visions that perhaps both anticipates and precipitates the total systemic collapse of patriarchy and colonialism that we are currently witnessing and participating in. 


Sally-Shakti encourages readers to enter into a participatory relationship with the text - exploring the rhythms, sounds, structures and meanings that present themselves on the page with each new reading - mirroring the ways in which we each continually participate in the co-creation of meaning and structure in the world we are intimately involved with through our co-existence in the Web of Wyrd. 


The final book of poetry in a five-year writing project, RITE is the culmination of Sally-Shakti’s personal exploration of Utopian Poetics for her PhD, founded on an enquiry that seeks to embody the somatic and spiritual experience of yoga and meditation through the form of experimental poetry. 


You are invited to take your place as a celebrant in this ceremony of life!




Sally-Shakti Willow’s poetry is a practice of ritual re-embodiment and co-creativity. She has a PhD in Utopian Poetics and recently co-edited the anthology Writing Utopia 2020 (Hesterglock Press). She’s currently living in community in Dorset and finding her way back to writing through her body.

Sally-Shakti Willow - Rite

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