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Deborah Meadows

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Deborah Meadows grew up in Buffalo, NY. After graduating from SUNY, Buffalo in Philosophy and English, she moved to California where she taught for many years. She is an Emerita faculty member at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, lives with her husband in Los Angeles’ Arts District/Little Tokyo, and has published over a dozen books of poetry most recently Neo-bedrooms (Shearsman), Lecture Notes, a duration poem in twelve parts (BlazeVOX [books]), and The Demotion of Pluto: Poems and Plays (BlazeVOX [books]). The first portion of Bumblebees is an e-chap published by BlazeVox, Spring 2022, with illustrations by Geoffrey Gatza


Spring Lines

Configure me near lenticular attraction

more of it, response to beatings, carved keep,

scrapped out hulk made a name for itself,

satellite mapped snow depth, prelude

envelope—climbing vine Persephone turn:

it all comes

up, not every accumulation in the novel of experience

bends toward change (maturity, deterioration, etc.) in our

protagonist. But, in the right hands, our reader morphs,

ambiguity as the underlying condition of love,

representation always falling short of rain itself,

sampled worlds and selves mere museum pieces

or poems, not commercially prepared slides

for narrow hallways. In each others’ arms,

came into acceleration at lift-off, an idea

of futurity off to the side, treasure dusted

off to present in a fair light, hospital time

drive at dawn along flood control channel,

circulating coin of fluid dynamics,

supply towns congregated toward

tower, at-grade rail, power stanchions

stitched a topographic contour, chalk lines

snapped briskly: we have our guide to

the stairs, to the stars, dirt and ditches

corrugated toward power, skimming

scam, billing fraud, sold from car trunk,

ambition for two hours at a time, line up

line down, storm torn, three bags full,

four fortunates flee: ah, frugal again

illegally occupying space, so-called,

test strip of property, unlisted, in play:

artist’s acquisition, section map,

fallen tree milled to potential use, yes,

we belong here, sort of, oil our body,

of flirt and estate, acrostic vertical

long-stem iris, gravity of mother,



film shoot wrapped the block, truant

ordered to live with grandparents named

gaffer and coil, put away, up at night.



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