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Mia Amore Del Bando

Mia Amore Del Bando (she/her) is a Mexican/Filipino writer, photographer, and creator. She was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Her writing and photography featured in Flora Fiction, Poets Choice, Backwards Trajectory, Immigration Diaries, and others. Her poetry book Fragments of a Woman’s Brain published by Nymeria Publishing debuts in 2024. She is a faithful friend, difficult daughter, and selfish lover.


Artist Statement:

"I created this art piece shortly after I moved back home to California. My former career had me relocate to Chicago in my early twenties. I did a lot of growing up and tolerated the intense cold. Throughout my time there I resented anything that reminded me of Chicago. However, looking back I almost miss the person I was during that harsh time. I think it was the city that molded me as an adult."



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