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If you have an exceptional idea for a workshop regarding translation, experimental writing or cultural exchanges, get in touch!

Pamenar Press runs series of workshops and seminars based in London and Toronto. Workshops are mainly focused on the idea of Poetry Translation, Multilingual Experimental Writing, and Cultural Exchanges.


Pamenar Press organises series of in person workshops in Toronto, lead by TETC. Please sign up for the first one : Tête-à-TETC

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Pamenar Workshop | 2 | 

October 17- December 5- 2019 

Writing About Illness and Disability

With Jacob Scheier 

Workshop 2

Pamenar Workshop | 2 | October 17- December 5- 2019 

Writing About Illness and Disability

Jacob Scheier


Based on the feedback I’ve received, the inaugural Writing About Illness And Disability workshop was an engaging and generative experience for the participants. I personally found it very rewarding.

We were an intimate group of seven people with a diverse range of experiences with illness and/or disability. The workshop included published and novice writers. Participants seemed to find the environment safe and comfortable for sharing their work, much of it quite personal. I felt privileged that they allowed themselves to be vulnerable with me and their peers. I’m looking forward to the upcoming winter workshop-course.


from participants in Writing About Illness And Disability fall workshop:

“Jacob created an atmosphere that made me feel safe and comfortable to share my work. His feedback was invaluable. The workshop was both informative and productive.”

“Jacob’s class, Writing about Disability, truly helped me to write about difficult and embarrassing experiences I didn’t think I had words for.  The readings had substance and the assignments were varied enough to allow for experimentation and discovery. But more than these, he is an instructor with enough heart and patience to get you all the way there.” 

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