Pamenar Press runs series of workshops and readings based in London, Tehran, and Toronto. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about our events and publications.

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Pamenar Press is an independent

cross-cultural, multilingual, experimental publisher, based in the UK, Canada and Iran.

With Jacob Scheier

In this eight-week writing workshop we will be writing poetry and personal narrative (prose) exploring illness and disability. Through close reading, discussion of literary devices and workshop writing exercises and assignments, participants will work towards making their experiences of illness and


with Serena Braida

In this workshop we will explore the possibilities of writing as an embodied, whole-body or “incarnated” practice. Overcoming the traditional body vs mind split, we will approach the body as a thinking and feeling entity, a source of knowledge and creation; and challenge the idea that writing is a disembodied, cerebral action, disconnected from our senses.



Pamenar Press is an independent, cross-cultural, multilingual, experimental publisher, based in the UK, Canada and Iran, producing books, pamphlets and other ephemera each year.

We lean towards experimental works, undiscovered territories and finding and promoting quality and often overlooked voices. We accept manuscripts across all genres from anywhere in the world. 


We bring different writers and artists together to collaborate and produce work. 


Our-web based publication, Pemenar (a literary blog of experimental writing, poetry, visual arts and translation) is open to submissions.

We also run The Pamenar Residency – an alternative writers’ retreat – in four locations: Tehran, London, Mexico City and Toronto.

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