Pamenar Press is an independent press producing books of poetry, hybrid, critical writing forms which are cross-cultural, multilingual, and works in those subversive, provisional, radical areas of the interconnected parallel traditions sometimes called ‘experimental’.

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Present Continuous
David Grundy


 220 pages -  Size: 14.5 x 21 CM  -  £15.00

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 Vincent Broqua
translated by Cole Swensen

 284 pages -  Size: 14.5 x 21 CM  -  £17.00

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Susan Gevirtz

3 cups


////// 164 pages
Size: 14.5 x 21 CM

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1½ cups


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when art plays             against another                cultivating the terrain

is not difficult               in my mind                        but for the wind

I go outside                   to find something             misremembered

something                    else that happened           but kept it

to myself                       the                                      mistake only

only                                makes itself                      known

when I speak                 it out like                           trying to continue


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 Cloud Cantata 
   Carla Harryman

Young Americans 
   Jackqueline Frost

Hyena! Jackal! Dog!
   Fran Lock

   Susan Gevirtz

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Buy our previous publications in a discounted bundle:


Recovery by Vincent Broqua, Translated by Cole Swensen

it is like toys but also like video taped in a mall by  James Davies

Burns by Susan Gevirtz

A PUNCH IN THE GUT OF A STAR by Anne Waldman & Emma Gomis


Young American by Jackqueline Frost
10,000 Hand-Drawn Questions vol 1 by Peter Jaeger
MILLE REGRETZ by James Wilkes
Cloud  Cantata
by Carla Haryman
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What a wonderful turnout for Pamenar Press’ poetry reading in London on October 5th and, nevertheless, on the day of a rail strike. Poets and poetry lovers from around the world connected in person and online to absorb and celebrate the new works of Habib Tangour, Fran Lock, Peter Manson and Cole Swensen. Since the event was also live streamed from London by Pablo Ruiz, audiences joining remotely from different cities, countries and continents united through the live chat that was moderated by Shena Mistry in Toronto. 



Pamenar Press is an independent press producing books of poetry, hybrid and critical writing forms which are cross-cultural and multilingual.

We publish poetry and hybrid prose forms including essays on poetics and literary translation. We lean towards experimental works, undiscovered territories and finding and promoting quality voices. 

Our web-based publication, Pamenar Magazine (an online magazine of experimental writing, poetry, visual arts and translation) is open to submissions.


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